This site is being created as my on-line home after I was ousted unjustly from various social-media platforms. Here I can speak my mind without being flagged, banned, or censored, but it is mostly as a creative outlet for blogging, photography, and other hobbies and IDGAF if nobody visits.

Over on the left is a drop-down menu of my topics. Each topic can contain multiple posts to which I hope to be adding new ones regularly.


The "demo" topic will explain the features of this general purpose website framework. There is a zip file for anyone who might find it useful for projects of their own and I will be posting explanations for how to use it. It is all my own work which I share, free of charge, for educational and non-commercial applications by individuals.


Using established service providers promotes interaction from people who follow each other's comments, but I 'm only interested in bonafide freespeach platforms. Currently I am working on integrating Disqus as well as Dissenter commenting systems and I'm enabling them both on this page, but will choose either one or the other on other pages here. Feel free to ex[ress your genuine opinions, but please try not to post offensive spam.